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SkidLite™ Log Skidding Winch for Your ATV

For smoother, more efficient milling, your sawlogs should be clean. That means keeping them off the ground and out of the mud, during skidding.  Keeping your logs off the ground also reduces frustrating and time-consuming snags and hang-ups.

The SkidLite was designed to help you skid your small to mid-sized logs out of the bush, clean and hassle-free.  Super-light and nimble, the SkidLite navigates easily through tight spaces and confined areas. 

  • Winch Operation – Simply choke the end of the log, winch it up off the ground, hold it firmly in place with the chain and skid.  The winch supports the weight of the log low to the ground, while the chain absorbs the thrust loads during log skidding.
  • Retract When You’re Done – When your day is done, raise the skidder off the ground and lock it in place, so you can maneuver through the bush unimpeded.

The SkidLite’s low centre of gravity, combined with its wide stance, give you stability during log skidding operations.  It’s ideal for hobbyists and small-woodlot owners for skidding logs up to 14” (35cm) wide and 12’ (3.6m) long*. Shipped in kit form to keep your delivery costs to a minimum. (Choker chain and grapples sold separately.) (Item No. 41250-LITE)



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