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PONSSE 2015 series

The 2015 product series upgrade focuses on efficiency, structural endurance and ease of maintenance and use. At the same time, the design has undergone a complete facelift. The frames of the machines are even more durable. Changes have also been made to the crane models to improve durability and flexible use. Important development steps in the new series include the positioning of components and service points, as well as the ease of maintenance measures, things that our customers specifically requested.
The new engine technology and the improved hydraulics have enabled the service intervals to be extended from 600/1,200 hours to 900/1,800 hours. These long service intervals increase efficient working hours and reduce operating costs. The starting point for the development of the product series was the idea of a forest machine that does not compromise on the usability, productivity or maintainability of the machine.
Ergonomics and easy maintenance
The PONSSE 2015 series satisfies a great number of customer wishes regarding the machines. All PONSSE machines have excellent ergonomics and serviceability combined with improved performance and productivity.
Improved harvester performance is enabled by new and more powerful EU Stage IV engines and the double-circuit hydraulic system of the PONSSE Ergo. The PONSSE Beaver in particular has seen its engine power increase to 150 kW.
With forwarders, the increased tractive force and the more precise feel for the terrain it gives operators also generate better productivity. Furthermore, engine performance has been improved – especially in the four-cylinder PONSSE Elk, Wisent and Gazelle, which now provide significantly higher power and torque.
The PONSSE 2015 series of machines will enter serial production in phases during 2015. Of the new series, PONSSE Bear and PONSSE Scorpion are already in serial production.


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