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Forwarders Buffalo

The upgraded PONSSE Buffalo is a highly efficient and reliable middle-sized forwarder which is excellent for thinning and regeneration felling. What is familiar from the previous model is the large load space, great driving geometry and high loading capacity in relation to minimum weight. What is new is the even more functional and maintenance-friendly structure, improved engine performance, higher tractive force and more comfortable cabin.
The load-bearing capacity of the PONSSE Buffalo is 14 tons using regular bogies, and 15 tons using balanced bogies. Productivity and usability are based on the efficiency of the engine and hydraulics, the powerful loader and the large load space. The new EU Stage IV engine offers unequalled power and an excellent response to loads, and has a first-rate fuel economy. The upgraded transmission and increased tractive force offer, not only irresistible power, but also an accurate feel of the terrain. Furthermore, various load space options, loaders, loader scales, etc. are available for tailoring each machine perfect for each purpose.
The new cabin has a direct impact on the comfort of the driver. Visibility towards the front wheels is better, there is more storage space and the controls are the most ergonomic there are in the market.


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