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Cranes and loaders K100+

The K100+ loader is a powerful, heavier-class loader, with a longer M model reach of as much as 9.5 metres, unprecedented for this series. Its reach has not, however, been increased at the cost of efficiency: even when fully extended, it can carry loads of over 1000 kg. The shorter S model with its maximum reach of 7.6 m can carry almost 1500 kg. Such impressive performance figures prove that the K100+ is the right loader wherever extreme efficiency is the decisive factor.
The highly popular hose system inside the boom is available as a standard equipment for the K100+ M/S loaders. The built-in solution protects hoses from branches and thus increases their service life. The K100+ M/S loaders’ reinforced structure and excellent geometry guarantee improved working efficiency and durability. With the new feature, the boom structure was reinforced and the extension power was increased using a greater cylinder.
Forwarders spend most of their operating time loading, making the power, movement speed and controllability of the loader key factors for efficient harvesting. PONSSE loaders meet these challenges by offering extreme performance for their size, extensive hydraulics capacity and the advanced OptiControl system. PONSSE loaders feature booms made of high-strength steel and high-quality cast components that guarantee performance even in the most extreme conditions.


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