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Logosol M8

With the Logosol Sawmill M8 you can quickly produce high-class planks and boards from your logs, in the length and dimensions of your choice. The sawmill is simple to use – and easy to own.
Immediate good result
If you have not cut timber before, the M8 is the perfect choice. You will quickly get started and the sawmill is very easy to use. The first day you will already have produced a good-sized stack of planks and boards. Visible scales and the possibility of sawing in fixed steps make setting quick and accurate. Everything is clearly described in the book that comes with every sawmill.
The accuracy is impressive, no matter if you are sawing boards for panelling or squared logs for building log houses. The M8 can cut all sorts of wood both from the forest and the garden: oak, aspen, juniper, apple tree, cherry tree, larch. The list goes on.
Strong and rigid frame
The sawmill is built of strong, anodized aluminium, a material that gives it fantastic qualities. Besides being forever rustproof and storable outdoors, it is so strong and rigid that it can easily take large-diameter logs. At the same time it is so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The coating of the sawmill gives a fine and dirt-repellent surface, which also prevents snow and ice from sticking to the sawmill. The sawmill is almost maintenance free, and it will work when you need it, for decades.
Well thought out ergonomics
The log ramps and the log beds with integrated winches enable you to cut timber without much effort. The log comes up to a level that makes it comfortable for you to secure it on the sawmill. The compact design makes it even easier when the log is to be turned over, since you then can come close to the sawmill and have a good working posture. But another feature that is just as important for your convenience is that the boards come at an easily accessible waist level, making them easy to lift from the sawmill.
In other words, the Logosol Sawmill not only saves your time, but also spares your back.
Fixed log supports are fitted at an exact angle to the log beds. The fixed supports save time, as they never require resetting between the saw cuts, and you do not have to adjust the log clamps. This gives you even better accuracy, as the log that is sawn into boards is supported from the log bed and up to the topside.
In addition, the design of the sawmill makes it suitable for sawing in the winter. All important functions of the sawmill are raised from the snow cover and the sawdust is thrown out away from the sawing spot. This is an important quality in the winter, since sawdust acts as a reinforcement and makes the snow hard as stone. When you have finished you can easily move the sawmill from the spot.
Mobile or stationary production
Many of our customers have their sawmill for stationary use. You can also take your sawmill with you and put it up on the spot where the logs are, in the forest, on your backyard, or anywhere else.
The Logosol Sawmill is easiest powered by an ordinary chainsaw. The typical saw unit is a Stihl MS660, which with its seven horsepower and thin guide bar cuts the timber quickly and gives a fine and smooth sawn surface. With such equipment you can saw five metres a minute from a 15 cm (6") thick squared log.
But technical data is one thing, working in practise is another. The timber is not only to be sawn up; it should also be stacked. In addition, new logs need to be rolled to the sawmill and, above all, you need a coffee break now and then. We who use the sawmill can from experience say that we produce between two and four cubic metres (850-1700 board feet) sawn timber in one working day, and if you get help from a friend you will produce even more.
Good timber and a good feeling
You will appreciate the feeling you get by working with quality timber that you have sawn yourself. With the Logosol Sawmill M8, it becomes a pleasure to cut it from your own trees.
The best thing we can give to you who have recently become a sawmill owner, is probably the job satisfaction and pride you will feel when you have finished your first project. This is an investment that you will not regret, and that is part of the warranty!
• Two log-end rests are included as standard – perfect measurements until the last board.
• Quick setup with adjustable feet.
• Durable, dirt-repellent surface. It never rusts.
• Quick setting with fixed height settings.
• Adapted for all-year use in a Nordic climate.
• Double log clamps
• Log ramps are included as standard. 
• Log beds with winches.
• Sawing length for the basic model is 5.1 metres (17 ft).
• A rigid lightweight construction – take the sawmill to the log.
• Accessories: Chainsaw, log house moulder etc.
Handles most sizes
The sawmill can work with all standard shape logs up to 5.1 m (17 ft) length. Extensions are available to easily add length to process longer logs. 50 cm (20") extensions are normally added to provide extra length and support for longer logs. The low profile ripping chain is available in 40 cm (16"), 50 cm (20”) and 63 cm (25”) cutting lengths to handle most log diameters (even longer chains and bars can be used to handle those extra large logs). Logs too large to place on the sawmill can be cut by other versatile cutting techniques using the M8 sawmill. These include the use of heavy duty log decks, and even mounting the sawmill on the log.
Quick Assembly
The mill, when assembled, will cut accurately. Because of the high quality and precision of the parts, none of the angles need setting. The only adjustment required is for the cutting height and once that is set, the mill is accurate in all dimensions.
The entire sawmill is made of anodized extruded aluminum and weighs only 52 kg (115 lbs) - it can easily be carried by one person and transported on the back of your pick-up to remote areas. Move the mill, not the logs.
Strong construction
Made of anodized, extruded aluminum, the mill is extremely strong for its size, easily supporting and lifting over ten times its weight. The aluminum is of the highest quality available, in the same class as that used for aircraft construction.
Ergonomic construction
This mill is designed with the operator in mind. Everything is at the right height for long hours of operation without back strain. It is easy to use - no pushing the saw through the wood.
Easy maintenance
The M8 is rust proof - all parts are weather resistant. Anodized aluminum, stainless steel bolts and nylon slides are used in the construction. There is very little to break, adjust or wear out in this mill.
The work site
The logs are best handled on a log deck and the sawmill is designed to allow the logs to be rolled directly from the log deck onto the log bed and to be sawn at a comfortable working height.
Accurate sawing
The log is placed on two log beds which can be moved up and down. One end of the log can be held in place by a spiked bumper (additional accessory). The saw runs on a straight guide rail and saws the log very accurately. The special ripping chain and blade, purchased separately, allow the chainsaw to cut straight with very high accuracy even in low grade quality saw logs.
Smooth surface finish
The surface is so smooth on lumber finished with the M8, it can be finished with a belt sander. With the ease of log handling and positioning, using the independent log bed suspension, you can maximize the cutting of the log to produce the best lumber for your projects.
Unique, low-profile ripping chain
The chain used on this sawmill is manufactured by the world's leading chainsaw manufacturer and has been proven as a reliable cutting solution. This unique ripping chain produces an amazingly smooth surface. The narrow chain takes only 6 mm (¼") kerf. Easily sharpened, these chains will last through 7 cubic meters (3000 board feet) of cutting.  They are not included with the sawmill.
This sawmill has been designed with safety in mind. The chain pulls the wood against the bed, firmly holding it in place while cutting. The use of the mill involves both hands, keeping the possibility of accidents at a minimum.
Independent log bed suspension
The two Log beds move up and down, separately allowing for easy leveling of the log to achieve the most productive cut. This feature also provides the ability to produce tapered and angle cuts.
Log bed raises in two increments
You can easily switch from 6 mm (¼”) to 3 mm (1/8") increments to produce lumber to the accuracy desired. Three pulleys combined with a nylon poly line provide maximum lifting capacity for each log support. The M8 easily lifts a log weighing up to 500 kg (1100 lbs).
Instruction manual
Each M8 comes with a 34 page instruction manual complete with instructions for assembly, setup, and lumber cutting. A full parts listing, maintenance information, and safety instructions are included in the manual.



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