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Farmer's Sawmill

A mini-sawmill for sawing your own timber
The Farmer's Sawmill is a neat and portable mini-sawmill with all the functions necessary to do a really good job. The design, with a lighter saw carriage and 4-metre guide rail, makes the sawmill extremely flexible and easy to use.
The Farmer's Sawmill is a really good sawmill with well-balanced details; an excellent option when you want to saw your own timber for small or medium-sized building projects. This affordable model completes LOGOSOL’s product range in the area of chainsawing.
Simple to assemble, easy to pack away
It only takes a few minutes to set up or dismantle the sawmill, making it easy to store and transport. The Farmer's Sawmill is ideal for all those who have building projects at home in the yard or at their summer cottage. It is easy to transport between different locations, in the yard or out in the forest, and you can be up running in no time sawing boards for your building projects. The Stihl MS391 is a suitable saw unit for the Farmer's Sawmill. It has a 3.3 kW motor and weighs 6.4 kg. It provides adequate motor power and is also superb for forest work and wood sawing. With the Stihl MS661, which is tremendously powerful, sawing goes even faster.
A mini-sawmill with great possibilities
A self-locking system with clear scales and fixed sawing dimensions ensures exact timber dimensions. The sawmill has a robust design and is equipped with a lighter carriage that follows the straight slab when sawing and can easily be lifted on and off. You can saw 3.8 metres with the basic unit; if you need to saw longer logs, the sawmill can be extended – as much as you want, in one-metre sections.
In addition to extensions, the sawmill can also be upgraded with a number of accessories. All accessories developed for the larger M8 model are compatible with the Farmer's Sawmill.
Benefits of the Farmer's Sawmill
• With just a few simple steps, the sawmill is dismantled for transport or storage.
• All M8 accessories are compatible. The sawmill can be extended when required.
• The electric saw unit, the log moulder and the feeder are compatible.
• Mainly made of aluminium alloy, a strong and light material.
• Convenient lifting winches with log beds that together can stand the weight of one tonne!
• Fixed sawing dimensions in steps of ¼” ensures exact timber dimensions.
• Two log stops secure the log in the right position.
• The sawmill can be configured with 2 metres between the winches for longer logs, or 1 metre for shorter pieces.


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