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PP450 Kompakt

The PP450 Kompakt is a Swedish pellet press that converts wood into pellets 6 or 8 mm in diameter, with a capacity of up to 500 kg per hour.
The whole machine unit is built as a frame construction and consists of a matrix and two feeder wheels mounted on a driving fork. The design is simple, facilitating servicing and operation.
The material is fed into the intake and falls onto the feeder wheel, which pushes the material into the matrix. As the pressure and temperature increase, the material is bound together into pellets, which emerge from the matrix on the outside and fall down through an outlet on the protective cover. The temperature of the pellets is then reduced in a cooling tower before transfer to storage. The cooling tower uses a vacuum and extracts the air through a grid plate. A conveyor feeds the pellets gradually to improve cooling. A second conveyor then transports the pellets for packing: either bulk-filling or small sacks. This is adapted locally. The material fed into the machine is of vital importance to the end result. The material used, such as sawdust or cutter dust from pine and spruce, with a moisture content of up to 15%, must be free from contaminants such as stone and metal. Material larger than 3mm it is ground down in a grinder.
CAPACITY: Pelleting capacity up to approx. 500 kg/h.
MOTOR: Electric motor 37kW
MATRIX: Cylinder matrix, internal diameter 410 mm, width 33 mm.
PRESS ROLLERS: Two, diameter 200 mm.
ELECTRIC CABINET: PLC control: PLC with sensors located around the machine for automatic operation.
GRINDING: Grinder 7,5kW - depending on material.
FRAME: Complete frame, 2 x 2,4 meters (all in one)


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