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Vimek 610.2 BioCombi

Vimek 610.2 BioCombi is the most effective machine for thinning, felling and transport of bioenergy. Now with increased loading capacity to 5 000 kg, a new and powerful engine with 60 HP from CAT and modern hydrostatic transmission from Bosch Rexroth.
The increased working hydraulics gives improved and precise crane movement. Vimek brake link efficiency has also been increased. In this Vimek 610.2 we have been able to combine an engine and transmission to offer high efficiency, productivity, performance, all together with low fuel consumption makes a cost effective machine. Vimek 610.2 BioCombi is now equipped with mini joysticks as standard and our felling grapple saw has accumulation arms also as standard
Vimek 610.2 BioCombi is serial Product.
  • Tiltable Grapple 0,16 m² Crane damping system
  • Pneumatic chair
  • Refueling pump for diesel
  • Sun blinds
  • Callstart for diesel engine
  • Full LED lights including roof frame
  • Sprinkler system
  • Tow hitch 
Extra accessories
  • Air condition
  • Crane damping system
  • Chain saw holder
  • Diesel engine heating system
  • Half LED lights including roof frame
  • PC with rear camera   
  • Radio controlled hydraulic winch
  • Radio with Bluetooth  
  • Refueling pump for hydraulic oil
  • Roof frame   
  • Wheel tracks
  • Wheel chains 500/60-22,5 or 405/70-24
  • Bucket attachment
  • Dolly trailer 


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