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Columbia Forest Products

Industrial Platforms

PureBond® Formaldehyde-Free Veneer Core Industrial Platforms.
Industrial veneer core platforms made from FSC®-certified hardwoods. Available in “Industrial” and “Industrial C” types. Suitable for a range of laminating, painting and framestock applications, these platforms satisfy the formaldehyde emission and content requirements of LEED® projects, CARB limits and general green building guidelines.
Features & Benefits
  • PureBond Industrial PlatformsNo Added Urea Formaldehyde composition. Satisfies LEED®, CARB, and Green project requirements where urea formaldehyde emissions are limited or prohibited.
  • FSC-Certified platform construction.  Can contribute to LEED® credits.
  • Smooth, flat and consistent laminating surface.  Suitable for high-pressure laminate, veneer or other specialty surface treatments and for use as furniture framestock.
  • Domestically produced. Manufactured in North America; assures timely availability to eastern Canada and north and eastern US.
  • Dependable thickness for joining and machining.
  • Made with soy-based PureBond® technology. A proven solution, with over 30 million panels in the market today.
  • Strong. Superior strength compared to composite core (MDF/PBC), reduced field failures.
  • Lightweight. Lighter than MDF or PBC; ease of handling; less risk for back injury to work force.
  • Veneer Core. Enables an “all wood” status for finished products.
  • Produced by Columbia Forest Products. 50 years of hardwood plywood leadership.


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