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Appalachian Traditions™

The classic look of solid wood.
Appalachian Traditions™ offers the popular lumber look, with plywood’s great properties. Each panel is plank matched, eliminating the repetitive characteristics found in book matched offerings and opening up new advantages in the shop and on the showroom floor. Each panel is unique and is available in 5 species: Maple, Birch, Oak, Hickory and Cherry.
Best of all, Appalachian Traditions is produced in all Columbia Forest Products’ plywood mills in the US and Canada allowing for regionalized shipping and service.
Whether your project is traditional or contemporary, the look of these panels is unique and full of natural character that works with any style. To streamline regionalized shipping and service, Appalachian Traditions is produced in 5 of Columbia Forest Products’ plywood mills.
Specify With Confidence
Architects, designers, cabinet and furniture makers looking for distinctive styles that range from bold to traditional, will appreciate the options in the Appalachian Traditions Collection. These panels are designed to blend harmoniously whether used as wall panels or smaller components, like doors. Because they are designed to be “consistently inconsistent,” the panels will never exhibit distracting repeats or imbalanced shading.
And don’t forget that when Appalachian Traditions is manufactured on veneer core platforms made with PureBond® Formaldehyde-Free technology, you can be assured that these panels are friendly to the interior environment.
What you Won’t Get With Our Panels:
  • Avoid mismatched cabinetry. Our panels are sorted for visual uniformity and ease of matching and blending.
  • Avoid the “machine gun” look and other undesirable repeats. We use a “Consistently Inconsistent” plank match for harmonious blending.
  • Avoid the “barber pole” effect. Our panels are manufactured with tight-side-out construction which ensures even finishing.
Features and Benefits
Consistently Inconsistent.
Plank matched veneers that replicate a true lumber look. Every sheet has a visually compatible appearance. The natural characteristics are well distributed.
Five Hardwood Species.
Appalachian Traditions is available in Maple, Birch, Oak, Cherry and Hickory. Ash and Poplar available on special order.
Lumber Plank Match.
Eliminates the repetitive look of traditional book matched veneers. No more “Machine Gun” effect of knots, burls or mineral in rows. This allows the natural characteristics to enhance without being a distraction.
Appalachian Traditions is 100% plank matched with tight side out. This will eliminate the “barber pole” effect that can accompany some book matched veneers. Eliminates shading due to tight side and loose side flitches alternating in the same panels.
Shop Floor and Job Site.
No more presorting of panels, which eases bottlenecks on the shop floor, increases yields, enables quicker completion and better end results.
Solid Wood Look.
Plank matched to resemble solid lumber. Blends with doors and face frames for an overall appearance that is pleasing with no panels looking too light or too dark.
Cost Reduction.
Saves time and waste on the shop floor. Finishing is more consistent. Exchanging any damaged door in the field does not require a match to a light or dark area. A new Appalachian Traditions door can be sent with confidence.
Certified Forestry.
Appalachian Traditions panel constructions can be specified as FSC®-certified. Purchasing products with an FSC label supports the growth of responsible forestry worldwide.


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