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Elliott Farm Equipment

LINER swathers

LINER 2900 / 2800 / 2700 / 2600 – maximum area output along with top quality.

Power to perform.
The LINER central swather has working widths of between 6.20 and 9.00 metres to meet every need. The swath width can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically according to the operating conditions. To ensure the optimum raking results, there are 14 removable PROFIX tine arms on the LINER 2900, 12 on the LINER 2800 and 2700, and 11 on the LINER 2600.
Everyday operation with you in mind.
The LINER 2900–2600 is equipped with a four-wheel rotor running gear and steered front wheels and a laterally suspended front axle, ensuring quiet operation and exact gauging of the ground profile. On request, all models with the exception of the LINER 2600 are available with six-wheel rotor running gear and additional tandem axles and trailing wheels.
To adjust to a wide range of forage crops, the headland stop is infinitely variable in the two larger models. The swath guard, which can be folded automatically by means of hydraulics, ensures the maximum possible ground clearance.
Convenient transport.
Without having to get out, you can reduce the transport height to less than 4.00 metres by folding and hydraulically retracting the rotors. The machine's low centre of gravity guarantees stable driving characteristics even at speeds of up to 50 km/h. The large transport tyres of up to 380/55-17 ensures stability on the road and maximum soil protection. The automatic transport locking device on the LINER 2900 and 2800 provide a further support for the driver. On the LINER 2700 and 2600, the automatic transport locking device provides maximum safety on the road.
Unbeatable value for money.
The LINER 2600 has everything you need in a swather, for example the simply constructed rotor housing. It is also maintenance-free, hermetically sealed and permanently filled with oil.
The single rotor lifting function and raking height on the LINER 2900 and 2800 can be adjusted using the CLAAS STANDARD TERMINAL without any need for ropes. Alternatively, the single rotor lifting function can be controlled via a three-way valve.


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