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8000 Series – Firewood Processors

Built specifically to do large wood it comes standard with a 60″ circular blade, and a massive 7″ 56 ton splitter cylinder. It features the Bells exclusive single joystick control, fingertip auto cycle splitter, heated operators cab, tandem 7000lbs axles with trailer brakes, and trailer lights to keep you legal going down the road. Maximum log diameter is 27″ and maximum log length is 30′. It comes standard with a 4 strand live deck. It features a 127 hp CAT diesel engine and can produce up to 4 full cord of hardwood per hour. Watch the video of the Bells 8000 series firewood processor to see if it will fit with your operation. An affordable solution to the firewood producers daily routine. This machine produces Maximum 1.5 full cord of hardwood per hour, it features a 20″ diameter cut and a 14′ maximum log length. It comes standard with a 50hp CAT Diesel engine. It is available with a 4 or 6 way splitter head. Comes standard with a 12 Foot attached belt conveyor. Watch the video to see what this firewood processor can do for you.

50hp CAT Diesel Engine
Oregon Saw bar cuts 20″ wood
4 ½” Splitter Cylinder
Adjustable Splitter Head
Automatic splitter
Auto feed Hydraulic Chainsaw
404 Pitch Harvester Chain
Air Compressor
Manual Control
3 Strand Hydraulic Live Deck
12 Foot Attached Conveyor
Suspension Seat
Operators Stand
Tandem 3500lbs Axle with Brakes
Logs up to 20’ Long
5’ Live Deck
40 Gallon Hydraulic Tank
Up to 1.5 Cords of Hardwood per hour
In Feed Log Trough 12’
Weight 7000 Lbs



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