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Firewood Conveyor

Bell’s Machining fills an important position in the firewood conveyor market. Our conveyors come in standard 24ft and 32ft lengths (custom lengths available), are hydraulically driven and include hydraulic lift. It is a great tool to take the back-breaking work out of loading a truck or utility tractor. Whether you are only moving wood a short distance or piling firewood in the backyard, our firewood conveyor does it for you. The Bell’s Machining offloading conveyor can be attached directly to any of our processors. This heavy duty wood conveyor has been specifically designed to handle any kind of wood. Your operation cannot be complete without an effective means of loading or stockpiling split firewood and other materials into a truck or trailer. Grizzly Bars allow bark and unwanted debris to fall onto a catch tray ensuring a clean load of wood and easy clean up. A diverter valve switches between the lift and run functions and a flow control allows you to adjust the speed of the conveyor.



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