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Portable Sawmills

If you plan on milling your own lumber, for profit or for your family, you want a solid starting point. Count on the legendary reputation of Norwood portable sawmills – Productive.  Easy-to-use.  Reliable.  Versatile.  Customize your Norwood bandmill when you want, and how you want. Get started with a stationary model, and add the trailer system later. Get started with a manual sawmill, and power-it up with hydraulics later… You get the idea. And each and every Norwood is quality-built in the USA and Canada (not China, Taiwan or Poland).  Make no mistake – every single custom-fabricated component in every Norwood is precision-made in US & Canadian facilities (they’re not just assembled out of foreign-made parts).  Find the sawmill that’s perfect for you:

  • The large-capacity LumberPro HD36 band sawmill,
  • The super-capable LumberMate LM29 band sawmill,
  • The manual-portable LumberMan MN26 band sawmill, or 
  • The super-portable PortaMill chainsaw sawmill.
Then, customize your Norwood bandmill now, or later on, to meet your milling needs. So your sawmill can keep up as your milling operation grows. 



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