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Clean-burning, versatile and reliable   Over 2/3 of all commercial and institutional buildings rely on propane gas heating systems. Propane energy is also widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial environments—particularly for temporary or remote applications where electricity or natural gas lines can’t affordably reach. Whether you’re powering oil field pump jacks, agricultural irrigation engines, construction site heaters, multiple industrial appliances or a large fleet of vehicles, propane has many benefits:    

  • Low initial costs: The initial investment of a propane system is significantly less than other equipment options—and there are many different kinds of high-efficiency models to choose from.
  • Continued cost savings: Propane keeps saving you money because it costs substantially less than diesel, heating oil and gasoline.
  • Versatility: Propane can be easily transported to urban, rural and remote areas and contained in large quantities, making it an incredibly reliable and versatile fuel.
  • Enhanced safety: Propane is a non-toxic fuel that is safer to store and transfer than other fossil fuels.
  • Greater availability: As a leading clean-burning alternative fuel in North America and around the world, propane is in abundant supply.
  • Lower environmental impact: Propane is less harmful to the environment than other fossil fuels—it burns cleaner and minimizes air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
No matter the size of your operation, Bluewave Energy can customize the perfect propane service plan and deploy our delivery fleet to your location—allowing you to keep employees warm, vehicles and equipment running, and productivity and performance primed.
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