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2017.06.24    10.00 AM - 6.00 PM

O - 17

FMNA is a leader in water mist fire suppression systems for vehicles and enclosed hazards. Fogmaker is a high-pressure fire suppression system utilizing water mist specifically developed for engine compartments and enclosed spaces - which is where most fires in vehicles start.

The Fogmaker system is ideal for engine compartments and other enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, and is particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited,as is the case with most commercial vehicles, construction and underground mining machines.


Our suppression system has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and chokes the fire, at the same time as the foam additive effectively prevents the fire from re-igniting.



Water mist generated under high pressure through patented specialised nozzles, has superior extinguishing capabilities in engine compartments compared to traditional low-pressure foam systems. The special nozzles creates microdrops with an average size of 50 μm. One drop of water typically 1mm in diameter is converted to 8 000 of these micro drops!
















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