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Denis Cimaf Demo

2017.06.25    10.00 AM - 3.00 PM

O - 24

DENIS CIMAF Inc. specializes in developing high-performance industrial brushcutter-mulchers, land clearing equipments for excavators, backhoes, skid steers, forestry tractors and graders. 

In applications such as land clearing, forest fire prevention, roadside maintenance or power, oil or gas line right-of-way preparation or maintenance, DENIS CIMAF forestry mulchers are recognized for their productivity and effectiveness.

DENIS CIMAF hydraulic attachments reduce undesirable vegetation into chips faster even with their lower power requirement.

We as an organization have made ongoing investments over the past 20 years in the research and development of environmentally sound industrial brushcutting solutions.  Well established in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile and Japan as a leading manufacturer of vegetation control equipment, DENIS CIMAF continues to offer the technical edge in brushcutting products.



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