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Peterson Sawmills Demo

2017.06.23    12.00 PM - 8.00 PM

O - 16

There are many reasons why Peterson Portable Sawmills design and manufacture the best portable sawmill on the market today. The company stand behind their product 100% and are proud of their top quality, versatile and efficient mills.
Since the invention of the swingblade mill by Peterson Portable Sawmills, many people have tried to replicate the technology. The ease of use, the amazing versatility and the machine’s portability all make Peterson’s swingblade the best portable sawmill. Replicas on the market offer some of these things also, but they do not have the quality of the original swingblade mill, nor do they show as much innovation in their designs.
Advantages Over Bandsaw Mills
  • Our Versatility Sets us ApartPeterson All Terrain Sawmill Set up on hillside
  • Cut different dimensioned lumber out of one log with ease for higher yield.
  • Where some logs may be deemed ‘worthless’ by bandsaw operators, the Peterson is the best portable sawmill for the job.
  • It is much easier to quarter saw with a Peterson because the saw moves around the log.
  • The Peterson mill does not require any extra equipment i.e. an edger or resaw.
  • Use the double cut feature on any of Peterson’s swingblade range for obtaining wide boards and slabs.
  • Add an optional clip-on slabber to cut even wider slabs or if you’re looking at a commercial slabber, check out the Dedicated Wide Slabber (DWS).










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