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AG Business & Crop Demo

2017.06.24    12.00 PM - 1.00 PM 2017.06.24     3.00 PM - 4.00 PM

A1 - 07

Drone technology suits a huge and ever expanding range of conservation and environmental science applications—offering quick and efficient aerial imagery, on demand. The use of UAVs allows forest owners to have rapid, flexible, and customized inventory projects from which accurate data is produced for planning the forestry activities. Visit the team to discuss how drone data can help you improve inventory tracking, pre-cut area health assessment and more, over on booth A1-07.

Cost Effective
Used regularly, the per-project cost of a professional drone system is typically lower than third-party alternatives such as manned imaging aircraft, with a drone system often paying for itself in as little as a few months or a few large projects.
Small and light electric-powered drones, especially fixed-wing aircraft, make little noise and are often bird-shaped, meaning animals on the ground are rarely disturbed by these tools, if they notice them at all. Rotary (helicopter) drone systems are best suited to monitoring and charting smaller areas, enabling operators to capture video imagery and respond to this feedback live, while fixed-wing UAVs—such as senseFly’s eBee—allow users to map larger areas in a single autonomous flight.



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