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Grow Your Wood Business

Speakers: Faye Johnson, Mike Baker, Dick DeStefano, Rory Dredhart

2017.06.23    11.00 AM - 1.30 PM

It Takes a Forest Meeting Room

To succeed in today's challenging environment, businesses need to evolve, adapt, anything less implies you are moving backward. Sawtech Log Expo - Renfrew Business Luncheon addresses Growing Your Wood Business & has put together 4 great speakers that will provide insight on how your business can succeed in this challenging environment.
This is a 2 1/2 hour session Lunch and Event Expo Pass is included in the $20.00 fee. You will need to reserve your seat before June 22nd 12:00 pm. Order tickets by clicking Order Tickets Button or by calling Cell 1-705-380-5308, or office 705-264-2251.


Faye Johnson RFP  Lunch Speaker
Director: Forest Tenure and Economics Branch at Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Bio: Miss Johnson oversees the Ontario Forest Tenure Modernization Act, the establishment of Local Forest Management Corporations, and Enhanced Sustainable Forest Licences and the development of policies governing them. Faye's talk and presentation will focus on;  Softwood Lumber, Provincial Tenure Modernization Initiative, Forests as part of the solution for climate change. At the conclusion will be a Q&A . 


Mike Baker B.A. M.A.
Executive Director Bluewater Wood Alliance 
Modelled after Clusterland Upper Austria, BWA is Canada's unique wood industry cluster and is the only one of its kind in Canadian value-added wood industry. BWA started with 7 members and now has over 110. Mike will speak to the benefits his group has received when like businesses within a certain geographic region  gather to form a united group. Discovering that there’s safety – not to mention power – in numbers, Mike will share his story how and the benefits that Bluewater Wood Aliance member companies have seen since joining forces. 


Richard DeStefano B.A. M.A. 
Managing Director of SAMSSA 
Mr. DeStefano has extensive experience in the field of economic development in the Regional Municipality of Sudbury. Dick was one of the founding patrons of Sudbury Area Mining Suppliers Services Association, started 2002. He is a Member of the Premier’s Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of Rogers Broadcasting Inc.  SAMSSA members last year sold product in over 50 countries and grossed over 1 Billion in sales..Dick will speak to how SAMSSA evolved and the impact that the cluster has had on primary mills. 


Rory Dredhart  (time permitting)
CEO of ClearSky Software  
Understanding the customers Journey: In an era of digital prolifieration and the advent of social media, businesses who are able to grow market share are focusing on the key moments in a buying cycle of a customer and are able to tailor a solution to an audience of One. Rory will introduce McKinnsey customer's journey and discuss key moments of the cycle and how technology is being integrated to achieve 50-70% profit improvements.  







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