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Forest Herbs & Plants

Speakers: Ethan Huner

2017.06.23     2.00 PM - 3.00 PM

Upstairs in the Forests Ontario Meeting Room

FOREST HERBS & PLANTS Presented by Ethan Huner, Algonquins of Ontario
Schedule Friday 2:30 pm
Location:  It Takes a Forest Meeting Room

Recognizing and Understanding Cultural Resources in our Local Forests:

While focusing on past and present uses of forest plants, this talk will also highlight the importance of the Central and Eastern Ontario forests to the Algonquins on Ontario by raising awareness for the identification and stewardship of various cultural values within private and Crown forests.

Speaker Bio
Ethan Huner is an outdoor educator, naturalist, biologist, and avid animal tracker currently working on behalf of Aboriginal communities in Ottawa River Watershed as a natural resource and cultural heritage technician residing in Pembroke Ontario. Over the past decade of exploring and tracking in Algonquin Provincial Park and undertaking exciting wildlife research projects.



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