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AWASSOS O-33 (Outdoors)  

The mission of Awassos Inc. has been to design, manufacture and distribute low-impact skidders. Our skidders are robust, but their lightness and their litheness allow them to move freely through tough terrain.

Bell’s Machining Welding & Hydraulics O-10 (Outdoors) |  O-11 (Outdoors)  

Bell’s Machining, Welding & Hydraulics manufactures the most ruggedly built, easy to use and productive firewood processors on the market today. Bell’s builds six different models to suit every operation.

Blue Wave Energy O-29 (Outdoors)  

Bluewave Energy is North America’s largest branded distributor of Shell Lubricants. We offer high- quality synthetic lubricating oils and greases, fuel, and equipment to a growing number of businesses in Ontario.

Bruce Sales Inc. A5-01 (Indoor Arena) |  A5-02 (Indoor Arena) |  A5-03 (Indoor Arena)  

From a humble beginning in a small shed to a 5,000-square-foot warehouse, HWB Bruce Sales Inc. has grown into a major supplier of blade and ground engaging equipment for operations from Kingston to North Bay and Cornwall to Mont Laurier. We’ve gotten big, but we haven’t outgrown the small business philosophy that got us here today. We realize you need to stretch every dollar you earn. That’s why our family-owned business researches companies and products to ensure you get the best product for the best price.

Brushey’s Sports A6-06 (Indoor Arena) |  A6-07 (Indoor Arena)  

CE approved safety boot for loggers and wood cutters, with cut protection and a steel toe cap to protect the feet.  We are also a Service Ontario location offering the following services:

Driver & Vehicle Licence Agency

Driver Photos/Renewals

Vehicle Transfers/Renewals

Used Vehicle Information Package

CVOR/Driver Abstracts

Health Card Photos/Renewals

Cord King O-03 (Outdoors) |  O-04 (Outdoors) |  O-05 (Outdoors) |  O-06 (Outdoors)  

The Cord King firewood processor was invented in 1974. By 1978, the first commercial firewood processor in North America was ready. Based in Perth, Ontario, Canada, Cord King was the product of our passion for engineering excellence and a need for a machine that was both easy to use and reliable.

Now, forty years later, Cord King has grown from its humble origins into an industry leader and highly respected manufacturer of high-quality firewood processors.

De-On Supply Inc. A3-07 (Indoor Arena)  

DSI / Clean Burn is the world’s leading distributor of used oil heating appliances, that include used oil furnaces, used oil boilers, and recycling centres that generate FREE HEAT from motor oils and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of internal combustion engines.

Denis Cimaf O-24 (Outdoors)  

DENIS CIMAF Inc. specializes in developing high-performance industrial brushcutter-mulchers, land clearing equipments for excavators, backhoes, skid steers, forestry tractors and graders.  In applications such as land clearing, forest fire prevention, roadside maintenance or power, oil or gas line right-of-way preparation or maintenance, DENIS CIMAF forestry mulchers are recognized for their productivity and effectiveness.

Elliott Farm Equipment O-46 (Outdoors)  

Elliot Farm Equipment is a proud family business that has been serving the Ottawa Valley and area for over 50 years! Elliot Farm Equipment was founded by Cecil and Letty Elliot in 1959 where it started out as a dealer for Cockshutt and Gehl equipment. Beginning with solid sales, service and parts departments, Elliot Farm Equipment has grown to become one of the largest farm implement and equipment dealers in the Ottawa Valley. Today, the business is owned and operated by Peter and Patricia Elliott and together with their staff, they look forward to serving you for all of your farm equipment needs. We always welcome new faces and old faces, so be sure to give us a call or better yet, drop on by!

George Heath Tooling and Machining A6-12 (Indoor Arena)  

We design and manufacture dies, fixtures, gauges and specialty portable sawmill equipment such as Bandsaw Blade Setters and Profile Blade Sharpeners. The setters and sharpeners have been made for about 18 years and have proven to be very durable and accurate. Manual and semi automatic setters are manufactured which set two teeth at one time, a right and a left tooth on each side of the the blade. A blades teeth can be set on a blade in about 30 seconds. This setter is one of a kind and is patented and sold exclusively by Heath Tooling.

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Friday 23th June 2017.
Saturday 24th June 2017.
Sunday 25th June 2017.

There are no tech sessions on Friday 23th June 2017.

There are no tech sessions on Saturday 24th June 2017.


This event is the perfect opportunity to exchanging knowledge between business owners. Connect with other businesses who can supply what you need to expand to the next level, or sell them your products or services.

Thursday 22th June 2017.
Friday 23th June 2017.
Saturday 24th June 2017.
Sunday 25th June 2017.

There are no networking sessions on Saturday 24th June 2017.

There are no networking sessions on Sunday 25th June 2017.


This is an event where many of the products will be on display and working for you to observe and evaluate. You can watch professionals putting the gear through the paces.

Thursday 23th June 2017.
Friday 24th June 2017.
Saturday 25th June 2017.

There are no demos on Friday 23th June 2017.

There are no demos on Saturday 24th June 2017.

There are no demos on Sunday 25th June 2017.


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