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Value -Added


Essentially, producing value-added wood products means taking raw materials and turning it into something useful. For example: engineered wood, millwork, cabinets, furniture, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks, just to name a few.
 Additional processing of a commodity wood product by manufacturers creates a specialty product whose value is more than the original product.

CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment A1-03 (Indoor Arena)  

CDL is now the leader of the maple sugaring industry. We constantly invest in the development of new products and technologies, to improve the situation of sugarmakers. Innovation is CDL's trademark.

Makita Canada O-85 (Outdoors)  

The heart of any power tool is the electric motor, and it is Makita Corporation's continued research that allows it to produce the highest quality product in the marketplace today. Research and development continues at the factories in Japan where engineers meticulously design and test new tools for introduction to the marketplace.

Makita has evolved into a leading designer and producer of an extensive range of portable electric, cordless and pneumatic power tools as well as a gasoline-powered line of outdoor equipment that includes chainsaws, line trimmers, generators, power cuts and water pumps. Each Makita power tool is built with the finest materials and subjected to strict quality control examination, including a test run under power before leaving the factory.

Norwood Industries Inc. O-78 (Outdoors) |  O-79 (Outdoors)  

Norwood has earned the reputation as the brand-name you can trust – a reputation for building hard-working, reliable, productive, affordable & easy-to-use machines. In fact, it’s the tens of thousands of Norwood sawmills cutting millions of board-feet of lumber in almost 100 countries worldwide that have earned Norwood this reputation.

Norwood is still rooted in those same values – To engineer and build portable sawmills and forestry equipment that are rugged, productive, dependable, versatile and affordable. Norwood owners count on their machines to get the job done, every day.

Ontario Woodlot Association A1-10 (Indoor Arena)  

The Ontario Woodlot Association, through its network of Chapters across the Province, brings people together to share ideas and learn about forest management. To ensure the viability of non-Crown Land forests for future generations, we promote sustainable forestry management and advocate on behalf of woodlot owners. A2-10 (Indoor Arena)  

Why should you choose cedar shingles for your roof or siding? Cedar shingle Siding on homes are:

1. Cost effective due to their durability

2. 100% Sustainable

3. Unmatched in aesthetic appeal

4. Schwan’s cedar shingles are manufactured in Canada

5. Fair very well in impact testing compared to other roofing products

6. Natural and organic roofing and siding product.

7. 100% recyclable

8. Environmentally responsible

9. Authentic heritage style

10. Lighter weight than asphalt, easier to handle than steel roofing

11. Buying our cedar shingles supports small  independent business

The Pine Shop A2-12 (Indoor Arena) |  A2-13 (Indoor Arena)  

Kitchen cabinets, dining tables and chairs, rustic antique plank top table and chairs, something new; solid black walnut tops and antique orange bottoms coffee table set and comes with white antique bottoms, custom solid oak bar stools, large armoires, baby’s dresser with removable change table tops are just some of what you will find at our custom wood shop located in Pembroke, Ontario. Come see us at the show and ask about our show specials. We feel one way to get the message out is to offer our clients that something special for thier home or cottage at a reasonable price. We want to recruit you, our customer as our sales voice and this is one way to accomplish that. 

UC COATINGS A6-01 (Indoor Arena)  

Wood Protection Products for More Yield & More Profit! ANCHORSEAL, Log & Lumber End Sealer. GEMPAINT/GEMPAINT*PLUS. End & Logo Paints for lumber. SHADE-DRI Mesh Shade cloth for Lumber drying- Log covers, T- sheds, shade structures, LOGSAVERS & FLITCHSAVERS, to stitch existing cracks on logs.

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Below you will find a list of the Educational events that you can find at Saw Tech Log Expo that are part of this category on the day you are attending

Friday 23th June 2017.
Saturday 24th June 2017.
Sunday 25th June 2017.

There are no tech sessions on Friday 23th June 2017.

There are no tech sessions on Saturday 24th June 2017.


This event is the perfect opportunity to exchanging knowledge between business owners. Connect with other businesses who can supply what you need to expand to the next level, or sell them your products or services.

Thursday 22th June 2017.
Friday 23th June 2017.
Saturday 24th June 2017.
Sunday 25th June 2017.

There are no networking sessions on Saturday 24th June 2017.

There are no networking sessions on Sunday 25th June 2017.


This is an event where many of the products will be on display and working for you to observe and evaluate. You can watch professionals putting the gear through the paces.

Thursday 23th June 2017.
Friday 24th June 2017.
Saturday 25th June 2017.

There are no demos on Friday 23th June 2017.

There are no demos on Saturday 24th June 2017.

There are no demos on Sunday 25th June 2017.


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