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Pulling The Right Levers
To succeed in today's competative environment, businises need to keep an open mind and hunt for every opportunity. We have 2, one of a kind, speakers to share their sucess stories with you and show the benifits of thinking outside the box.
This is a 2 and a half hour session and Lunch is included. The cost is $20.
Cluster Creation - Mike Baker - Bluewater Wood Alliance 
A cluster is an interesting business concept, as it does significantly more to connect companies – often competing ones – than a traditional industry association. Basically, a cluster occurs when like businesses within a certain geographic region (in this case, Canadian wood product manufacturers from southwestern Ontario) gather to form a united group to work together to secure government funding and support, connect with academic institutions and collaborate on projects to enhance each member’s competitiveness. Discovering that there’s safety – not to mention power – in numbers, it wasn’t long before the original 7 Bluewater Wood Aliance member companies started seeing more and more benefits to joining forces to advocate for the industry.
Mike Baker is the Manager of the Bluewater Wood Alliance (BWA). His role involves bringing diverse wood sector companies together for collaboration on projects, facilitating value-added networking events, and developing and executing the business plan. This includes growing the Alliance with new member development and retention through member driven programming. 
Offshore Hiring - Earl Laverty - Laverty Log Homes
When our business was ready to hire an additional craftsman, we decided to hire a non-canadian. This is the story of the process of bringing this expert to Canada and the amazing contributions he has made to our business.
Laverty Log Homes offers log & timber construction services for any type of project, from building custom log or heavy timber, cottages, homes and lodges.  Dovetails, shrink fit saddle notches, round log or squared timbers – whatever your needs we are able to deliver the highest quality in wood joinery. Laverty Log Homes is a member in good standing of the International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA)

Women in Wood is a networking group bringing together women who work in, with and for the woods. Join us for a networking session and meet other women thriving in the industry and get career advice, find a mentor, or meet new friends.

Gather at 5pm on Saturday June 24th in the It Takes a Forest Meeting Room (upstairs)

To reach the Women In Wood Website, click on the logo below



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