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We have begun reaching out to many associations and groups that are connected to the industry.  We will be seeking your involvement and input and would like to introduce a number of ideas how this event can benefit your group. We understand the uniqueness of each group/association and will discuss a package that is tailored for your group.

Here are some benefits of participation:  
• Sign up new members
• Educate the public/manufacturers/distributors about issues important to your members
• Present information sessions and/or demonstrations
• Host a course leading to certification or licensing.
• Network with your members in a central location for a meeting
• Affiliate ticket sale income for your organization
• Host a competition in your discipline (entry $$)

If you are interested in learning how your participation can benefit your group please call toll free 866.754.9334 and a representative from Show Management will be happy to discuss it with you.

If you need more details about anything regarding the event call us at 705-264-2251 or send us an email below.

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