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Demos & Deals

You have the chance to meet suppliers, check out new developments.

You can get your hands on new products, attend demonstrations and compare features and prices.

At the same time, you can meet exhibitors and ask them detailed questions to help you make the best purchase.

This is where the top quality products will be found created be true craftsmen.

Many exhibitors will be offering "Show Specials" where you can get the best possible deals. Be sure to check out the Promotions page.


The opportunities to learn about the sustainable wood industry that is so important to our economy are huge.

The Saw Tech Log Expo is a unique opportunity to learn what steps the logging industry is taking to ensure that wood is a renewable resource.

Woodlot Owners

Private woodlot owners can learn about sustainably harvesting their own properties and connect with the people and resources to help them do it right.


Of course there will be lots of plain old fun and good food.

The Renfrew area has lots to enjoy in a beautiful setting, so be sure to allow time to enjoy the area while you are here.




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