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Ontario's Woodlot Industry

The woodlot industry is unique in many ways, it is limited to a certain area of Southern Ontario, it uses special trees and ownership is mainly private.

Ontario has 169,000 woodlot owners, with operations ranging from 4 to 3,000 ha.

While traditional woodlot products like lumber, fuelwood and maple syrup will always be mainstays of the industry, there are many opportunities that woodland owners have yet to tap.

We’re continually seeing new examples of emerging products and services from across North America. The lesson is simple; landowners must constantly seek out new business niches by recognizing emerging trends in new products and the way we live.

Private woodlots are not only an important source of economic and environmental benefits for the owner, but also for neighbouring communities.  

They contribute direct and indirect social, environmental and economic benefits to local economies including employment, clean air, recreation, wildlife habitat and biodiversity, water, and soil conservation.

Most of these forests are located in Canada’s most populated regions and represent a significant component of our settled natural landscape.

December 20, 2015



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