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Frequently Asked Questions

Oct 20, 2015

Q: Should I charge a brand new battery before using it for the first time?

A: Yes, all new Makita batteries need to be fully charged before use. All NEW Makita LXT Lithium Ion batteries have a 30% charge for storage purposes only. Before using any power tool the battery needs to be fully charged using a Makita Battery Charger. (See Battery Care Guide for further information). This is very important!


Q: Should I drain my Makita battery completely before charging it?

A: No never! This is a myth on older battery technologies. Never allow your Makita LXT Lithium Ion battery to go completely dead during use. When your tool begins to slow or labour, remove the battery from the tool and charge it completely. This will keep your Makita LXT battery in prime condition. (See Battery Care Guide for further information.)


Q: My Makita battery is very hot, can I charge it anyway?

A: Possibly. Some Makita chargers have built in cooling fans that bring down the temperature of the battery before allowing it to charge. If you do not have a cooling fan in your Makita charger never charge a hot battery. Allow it to cool off at room temperature first. Charging an overheated battery will cause battery failure. (See Battery Care Guide for further information.)


Q: My Makita battery is not working properly, what should I do?

A: All Makita Batteries are under warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Should you have an issue with your batteries performance simply locate a Makita Factory Service Centre near you for replacement with proof of purchase. Visit Service Centre Locator for a facility near you.


Q: My Makita battery is not working and it is past the warranty period, what should I do?

A: Battery failure can happen at any point in its life cycle and can be a result of many factors related to incorrect usage. See our Battery Care Guide for further information about proper operating procedures to ensure a long life for your Makita Battery. If your battery indeed needs replacement contact a Makita Factory Service Centre. A Makita technician has diagnostic equipment on site to help advise you and resolve the issue.


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