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Nov 26, 2015


• A wide range of standards for custom products, satisfying all the needs of maple syrup producers under one roof, near the different markets with the constant introduction of new and innovative products.

• A solid chain of supply, secured by an excellent financial situation, a well-adapted business plan, a sound management, well located warehouses and our own fleet of trucks.
• A competent sales group and the best after sales service in the industry, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the sugaring season.
• The development of new methods, processes and products made with the collaboration of key players in the industry.
• An improved productivity of our installation operated by well trained personnel and with enough capacity to supply the constant growing demand.
• A workforce that has a say in how the business operates.  The values of the company are respect, commitment, trust, the well-being of all our employees and a sense of accomplishment.  We keep the number of management layers as low as possible so the managers can stay close to their personnel.
• And excellent notoriety, a strong corporate image and good references from our customers are the base for a successful future.
• Organizing open houses for our customers, aiming at transmitting our knowledge and introducing the best possible production techniques and finding our customer’s needs.  Also, an improved website will allow us to be more efficient in informing our customers and giving a powerful marketing toll to our sales force.




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