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Jan 27, 2016

Wisdom is inherited. In 60 years from now, her children will take care of the forest as carefully as their grandfather. It is about creating value for future generations. We call it Vimek thinning concept, forest owners call it easy and simple.
Whether it is the forest owner himself or a contractor who sit behind the controls – a good revenue will developed the forest when it is young.
Imagine yourself a first thinning, and then think that you can finally make thinning based out from the forest condition. By using Vimek, you do not create wide forest roads and remove unnecessary number of trees. You can have the best trees to remain, so your forest will be less sensitive storm and provide more wood for higher quality. That is thinning, high quality thinning by Vimek concept!
Study a thinning object when using Vimeks concept afterwards, is an experience. In fact, there exists no other harvester in Vimek size. That’s why we talk about the complete light-weight program. Since the overall economy is a big part of the successes among our Vimek contractors, they can actually afford a break now and then. Not to forget, but it might be nice for the contractor also to pick up the kids at daycare or bring them to the sports activities in the evenings.
It’s not only the forest in need of care.




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