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Plywood Panel Builder

Jan 29, 2016

Welcome to Columbia Forest Product’s Plywood Panel Builder!
Columbia Forest Products created this online hardwood Plywood Panel Builder in an effort to give our customers and consumers a basic visual representation and understanding of the range hardwood plywood panels that are possible for Columbia Forest Products to manufacture. We use various attributes, such as: core type, panel thickness, face species, face grade, face cut, face matching, back species, back grade, back cut, back matching, finish and more.
However, please note that because hardwood plywood panels can be constructed with so many and varied attributes, it is impossible to address all the panel combinations that could be manufactured by Columbia Forest Products. In fact, by its very nature no two pieces can ever be exactly alike, although each panel’s appearance may be consistent for a given species within a broad and generalized range. Even wood from the same tree can vary in aesthetics and physical properties. If you don’t see a panel attribute or combination on the Plywood Panel Builder, it’s likely that Columbia can manufacture the panel for you even though it’s not shown. In addition, some of our panel combinations are subject to availability dependent on circumstances, such as mill location and wood species in stock, so we highly encourage you to contact Columbia Forest Products sales for questions and assistance concerning your panel creation. 
About Plywood Panel Builder
The purpose of this Plywood Panel Builder is to demonstrate the range of combinations that could be created in a hardwood plywood panel manufactured by Columbia Forest Products by selecting the different attributes (Core type, Panel thickness, Face and Back Species, Face and Back Grade, Face and Back Cut, Face and Back Matching).
Our goal is to show this range of possibilities in a way that is easy to understand and that will give you a valuable tool to help enhance communication and ensure that all your expectations are met when you choose Columbia Forest Products’ PureBond® Hardwood Plywood.





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