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Working Capital

Jan 31, 2016
Money in Motion Offers Equipment Rental and Other Services for Your Business to Benefit from more Working Capital

What is Working Capital?
Working Capital is a critical component in any business’ ultimate survival and it centers around the difference between your current assets (items easily converted to cash within 12 months) less your current liabilities (things you owe within the next 12 months). What impedes companies is as your business grows you are in many cases forced to allow your client terms to pay you back for the work you have done. These terms are normally 30-60-90 and sometimes on larger jobs can take longer to get paid.
On the reverse of this while you were doing this work you had to pay costs likely much quicker like wages, fuel, materials etc and you have no money to pay it with so you have a shortage in working capital.
You in essence have 3 solutions to this problem if your company does not have its own capital to carry you through:
  • Your banker gives you a line of credit based on your accounts receivable. (these are tough to get and often your business must have been profitable for three years and meet the bank’s criteria)
  • You can pledge the equipment you have bought over time and is paid for and do a sales lease back lease. (this is where we come in) This is very effective and lets you pay back the working capital you got over time.
  • You can discount and sell your a/r to one of our affiliates. This works well since you in essence will receive 98% of your invoice. This works very well when your company does not have paid for equipment to do a SLB lease.
Is It For You?
This question is totally dependent on your company’s particular circumstances. Our experienced people are happy to discuss the options with you.
Please contact us for more details!




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