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Cord King

About Us

The Cord King Compact firewood processor has been in production since 1978.  We are proud to have equipment in the following countries – Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, England, France and South America.   Simplicity of design is a hallmark of our machine. “Off the shelf” components ensure availability of spare and replacement parts at competitive prices.
The Cord King Compact will maximize your productivity by providing the means to produce more than 9000 full cords in a standard working year (220 days). The Cord King’s unique design allows for accurate cutting and splitting of your wood with a cycle time of 3-4 seconds. By using the optional splitting blades that we offer, you could match your raw material with the required finished products, thereby optimizing your profit. If your business requires a specific machine or machine option(s) to suit your needs, we will provide a custom manufacturing service.
Properly maintained and operated, the Cord King Compact will give you years of reliable service. All our machines are covered by a complete warranty. The Cord Master warranty extends for double the period of time than that of any warranty offered by our competitors.
Our Strengths
  • The only manufacturer licensed to fabricate and execute engineering revision to the Cord King Compact firewood processor.
  • Consultants to the firewood industry for over 33 years.
  • Pioneered North America’s first commercial firewood processor in 1978
  • More splitter power than the competition
  • Best warranty in the industry including lifetime on the splitter




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