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Industries Renaud Gravel Inc.


Founded in 1968 by Renaud Gravel, this small company has quickly gained a reputation for reliability, versatility, competence and honesty.

Over the years, the machine shop and welding has specialized in repairs and in complex product development “custom” in customer demand.

The death of their father, 2 sons, Gille qnd Sylvain; took over. Having inherited their father’s taste for work well done and fun to challenge and with the impetuosity of youth, these young creative innovators have transformed the family business in a small business employing about twenty people.

Having more than quadrupled physical facilities, they could expand their fields of expertise. Welding, machining and repair of farm machinery and forestry equipment are still their specialties.

For nearly 15 years, Industries Renaud Gravel inc., have engaged in the manufacture of a line of forestry equipment.

Hydraulic winch and mechanical wood splitters, forestry trailer and loader, ATV trailer, a full line of forestry equipment to tap private woodlots, while protecting its resources through sound management of this forest.

Always a superior quality, worthy of the name Gravel, adapted to our region, these products are distributed throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces through a wide distribution network. The manufacturing activity has allowed us to improve our production of specialized equipment for our customers. Via these pages, we provide our knowledge and we wish you great interest to browse our site.



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